From the recordings Rap/Hip Hop and A-Roy


In case ya’ll didn’t know my team ain’t stoppin in the middle of the road
We swingin at the ropes feelin it in my pulse
Rebels without a cause drivin ya’ll off the rocks
Yea like James Dean Walkin the talk
The beat drops ya find me poppin off
We’ll see whether or not you soft or have fought
If you so hot, show me what you got
The truth’ll only expose you foldin up too many excuses
Are proof that I’m showin you up
Stupid and slack jawed getting goosebumps
Around us do yourselves a favor and get lost
So many fools tryna prove they moves are so awesome
Actin Ashton Kutcher flossin
All these fakers gettin punked
We the bosses
I see you steppin at me actin all recklessly
Wanna be messin with me show me what you got
I ain’t impressed by a speech time for testin with me
It’s the lesson on beef show me what you got
Show me what you got show me what you got
Show me what you what you what you got
Show me what you got show me what you got
Show me what you got what you got
What is it with kids these days and all the
Hollywood flicks telling em anybody can make it
Nothin worse than a resilient failure but whatever I’ll take it
And then I’m gonna break ya
But I’m really savin em from years of humiliating decision making
This a business baby
When ya can’t hang ya get laid out rendered invisibly faded
These types of cats are like the stains on my cap
I got verbal bleach to oxyclean these moron whackness brats
It ain’t even a game anymore you still talkin smack?
Well here’s your chance for that counterattack
It’s time to show me what you got
Ain’t a question in my mind you whack
Show me what you got
Hope you’re not gettin nervous on me [What you got]
Cuz I’m bout take it further
Tastin’ blood I’m ready to face plant ya cuz
You gotta show me [What you got]
It’s a lot different homie
Bein face to face with the enemy
Who ain’t runnin away
You’re frontin days are numbered man
Aren’t you gonna show me [What you got]