Goodnight Lights

 Formed in the summer of 2007, Goodnight Lights is a Philadelphia-based quintet including: Michael Schraeger (guitar and vocals), Faith Charlton (keyboard and vocals), Ian Charlton (guitar and vocals), Jonah Delso (bass and vocals), and Michael Ziegler (drums). Although the band has been compared to many of its influences, old and new alike, Goodnight Lights offers an intriguing and unique sound.

"Fractured-pop specialists" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Musical Inception." -

"...clever songwriting that nods to the ’90s alternative scene as well as their well-worked vocal harmonies, Goodnight Lights have a reputation as one of Philadelphia’ loudest live bands." Matt Kelchner, The Vinyl District

"Goodnight Lights continue to sharpen its musical voice with well crafted songwriting, sparkling harmonies, smart melodies and excellent guitar playing..." Bruce Warren 88.5 WXPN(Philly AAA Radio) & The Key Music Blog

"(they) remind me a bit of The Arcade Fire... with the backup/gang choruses/shouts... I have a difficult time pinning down the sound (that’s a good thing)." Matthew Berlyant, NYC rock magazine, "The Big Takeover," "Top 10" column

"I felt like… some of my favorite bands were finally smashed together in one…The Velvet Underground, The Pixies, The Stooges, Radiohead and The Arcade Fire. Goodnight Lights concocts a sound that channels these influences in a versatile yet original way. Innovative.” Jennifer Koch, Origivation Magazine

"...a terrific collection of songs that sits in the post-’90s alternative rock continuum with a high degree of originality—due in large part to the well crafted songwriting and vibrant playing." Bruce Warren 88.5 WXPN(Philly AAA Radio) & The Key Music Blog

The promotional video for "Broken," which features homemade footage of the band recording the new album, received viral attention after being posted on Coldplay's blog, "Hypnofeed."

Helen Leicht and WXPN Philly Local selected the song,"The Dream is Real," as the pick of the day on June 20, 2012. "Broken," "Wolves," and "Crowded Rooms" have also received spins on 88.5 WXPN FM and XPN2 online.

Goodnight Lights received a nomination from Philadelphia Deli Magazine as one of 2011's top emerging artists of the year.

International Indie Blog Jimdo Indie Rock Music chose Goodnight Lights as the 2010 indie-rock band of the year.

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