Greenhouse in essence are an electronic act who have been haunted by the musical stylings of 2000's post-rock and rawness of 90's guitar alternative. There are only two participants in this outfit, Ryan Torres and Rex Hudson, they share synths and guitars between them with Ryan doing honors on the drums and Rex on the bass. Greenhouse released their debut album July 2012 titled, "Never Look Back" on Globe Garage Records. Their sophomore effort is a more mature, diverse exploration of many musical influences. The album is titled, "The Last Shred of Night" and was independently released October 2013, about one year to the date of their first. The progression of this band is outstanding because it shows a band comfortable in their own skin and one willing to bring non-traditional electronic musical elements into its realm and make it work. They currently have song placement in the upcoming video game, '1979 Revolution', and are working on a mid-2015 release. For the latest updates follow Greenhouse on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.



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1st album,  'Never Look Back':

2nd album, 'The Last Shred Of Night':