After gaining rapid radio play on many British and American radio stations with “Right Or Wrong”, now The Outs are here to bring you their latest EP "Spiral Dreams". A video clip for its single of which can be seen here:      Not only have they released their new EP this year, but they have also of recent taken part in the American Rubber Tracks, sponsored by Converse, which selected several bands from cities all over the world to take part in recording a "track of the week" of which you can see for yourself the results of here: 
    You could say that The Outs are one of the first "Brazilian Britpop" band. One of the best and leading Brazilian music websites said as much when they released this statement after hearing The Outs music for the first time "It's as if Liam Gallagher was sick and tired of the European cold winter and went into the forest..." Noel Gallagher himself said of the band in 2008 after having handpicked them as winners in a worldwide Oasis promotional contest for their rendition of the Oasis song Bag It Up that "They got to the heart of the track".
Not resting on their laurels, The Outs quickly followed this success up with the 2010 release of the EP "Maybe Pleasing", which found them in the finals of contests with prizes for playing at four major rock festivals- Rock In Rio, Planeta Terra, & Circuito Banco (from Rio De Janeiro and Brasilia ). In November of that same year, The Outs placed first at the Ibeu Rock Festival after being chosen by such famous Brazilian artists as Fred Nascimento (of Legiao Urbana & Capital Inicial) and Tom Leão. 
 Now after 6 years of refining their sound, The Outs have created a sound all their own while still maintaining a vintage psychedelic flair. With one foot firmly rooted in the past and classic 60's British & American influences such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, & The Doors, and for more of a contemporary reference, The Black Keys and Oasis. 
While the first single "Get Around" goes a long way in demonstrating their traditional pop sound making you think they came straight out of Liverpool, the track’s b-side "Whatever You Please" finds the band taking a more somber and introspective thoughtful sounding approach showing this band is no one trick pony. 
Not only are The Outs a band who are gaining the favor of important people in their homeland but they are a band amassing wide and far reaching internet fan bases all around the world. With melodic hooks aplenty, they have caught the attention of many 60’s music fans.

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